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Paris <> Berlin [ Thursday  
06 28 2007 6:37am
Hey it looks like Stereo total just came out with a new record, but it doesn't come out here until August D:,

But I've been listening to it on Rhapsody and they have a song about Patty hearst that makes me happy.
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Memeeeeee [ Monday  
06 18 2007 2:09pm
Taken from primmadolles

1. What are your initials?

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?
Scarfs, stilettoes

3. Last thing you ate?
Some fried rice my mommy made

65 moreCollapse )
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[ Friday  
06 15 2007 7:20am
Hay guys, I know I've been gone for .... way too long.

Anyways, I've decided to stop neglecting my LJ. Well, maybe.

I miss everyone ;3; I've been just at home not doing much and being UNPLUGGED.

I especially miss my dolly peepo, Brandy, Kym, Katie, Jamie, Hanner, all of yous.

We got a carrrrrrrrr though!
It's a white '97 taurus, but it.... needs a brake pad replaced I think :{ it makes a shrill grinding noise when you put the brakes on.

Uhm...... what else is up...... hmmmm.......

I need more coffee.
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Since it has to be typed, or it will be shouted, FFFFFFFUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! [ Monday  
03 26 2007 3:30am
About......... three hours ago. I'm going up Killingsworth, where it intersects Portland Hwy. There's a stop sign, so I stop, look, and pull out slowly, I have my eye onto the incoming lane because I'm making a left turn, and there's one car, down maybe slightly less than a block away, so I speed up, maybe a little too much, but that was the extent of my mistake (as far as I know)
The car fucking T bones my rear end, right near the back wheel!!
I get to the other side of the street to talk to the girl, the first thing she says, teary-eyed, is "Oh my goddd, this is not my car". So I go into my weird comfort mode and ask her if she knows what to do, I'll start putting down my information and stuff, I want to cry here but I have the tendency to put myself last and deal with myself later.
Everything seems chill and stuff, her boyfriend's dad (the owner of the car she was driving) comes down from the PDX airport with the girl's boyfriend, talks to us, helps us out with what we're supposed to be writing down, taking pictures, etc.

The thing I don't understand is where this car came from though, I was looking in the direction of the lane I was turning against (it's kind of a Y-section, with four lanes on the main road, and it splits off onto the road I was coming from), like, right where she would have been!
My only explanation for it is that she came out of what she thought was a one way lane onto the main road, and since there's no stop sign on the incoming side, just drove right through. I don't know, I just know that I wish I knew what the fuck happened there.

And that's not even the bad part!
Her headlight popped out, and was still operational as far as I could tell (it was a Beetle, so the headlights are in those round wells on the front), and her license plate fell off. On our car, there's this FAT dent right in front of the wheelwell on that side. The alignment... is now..... fucked. The wheels both face outward at the bottom, and it will not drive straight (or less; come back the 15-ish miles to where we live). We're pretty strapped for cash at the moment, we can only afford what we need (that's why I've been trying to sell stuff wherever I can). I've been searching desperately for a job already, and now it'll just be worse. Urrrgh.

The thing I'm still worried about is that the dad seemed kind of uppity about taking the pictures etc, and I'm thinking he's going to try and pin this all on me.
I hope more than anything that he doesn't. They seemed like wealthy suburbanites who could more than afford to fix the damage, but we're the ones on the worse end on both damage and wealth, I don't even know if we have money to get the car back home right now.

Things that I've received today:
- Dent in car with added bonus of bent-the-fuck alignment/framework(?)
+ A hug from the girl that hit me
- Those "disappointed" looks (less at me, I think everyone just felt sorry....)
- The responsibility of having to tell my mom she doesn't have a car to drive to work tomorrow
- Everyone was pretty chill about the whole me getting hit thing
+ The police were suprisingly nice.
+ Noone was hurt, physically.
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KATAMARI ON WII? [ Wednesday  
03 21 2007 11:01am

also, No More Heroes:

Is anyone else anticipating this game as much as I am?
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Good news~ [ Wednesday  
03 07 2007 4:06am
Hmmm, good news~ The car only cost about $350 to fix, cause we did it the least expensive way, with junk parts and self-installation. Whew, that's only a third of what we'd anticipated. Bad news, still have to pay it off, hah.

Anyways, dolll stufffff; The new Doll in mind girls are soooooo cute~! I'm still planning on getting the mini boy first though, if i ended up getting one.
And Ninodoll's new boys are pretty cute as well.
This one looks a loooottt liek I'd planned Luka to look like (and actually a lot like I've drawn him), I think if I can get the money fast enough, I'd really like to buy the head and make Luka resin.
Ninodoll Sukyru;

Let's see so here's my planned expenses (minus possible D.I.M. girl)

~$350 for car repairs
$328 for D.I.M happy Sergei
$144 for Ninodoll sukryu
=$822 :}
The sudden pressure of having to pay off the car thing has motivated me to sew a lot and stuff, so later today I'll post pictures of things I have to sellll~ :D
Unfortunately mizbelle, I'm gonna do some stuff to sell before doing stuff for your girls, only because the car repairs are kind of priority to tattoos ;3; Not that I wont have a decent amount of things for them by the end of a couple weeks.
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:[ [ Saturday  
03 03 2007 9:01pm

So, we got in a little accident in our mom's car, the rear left axle is pretty out of shape.
The back tires did something fucked up, and brent lost control and it pulled a 180 over the curb, which is what did damage.

Noone was hurt, but it's gonna be about $1000 at least to fix. So as of now, I'm taking art (And doll clothing, depending on size) comissions, and will probably be selling random things here and there.
Also, if anyone knows of open job positions in my area (Tigard/Beaverton, OR), Please let me know~!


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[ Tuesday  
02 27 2007 1:43pm
Sims for wiiiiii?

Okay, the idea doesn't sounds awesome in theory, but watch the trailer! So adorable~!

By the way, sorry I've been neglecting my LJ lately, I don't know why.... I guess I've just been doing a lot of things not on the internet, so I haven't gotten around to it.

I'll become active again eventually, I swear~!
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[ Wednesday  
02 07 2007 12:40am
Ohhhh my gosh.

I neeed Sergei, the DIM 42cm boy, SO CUTE.

DAMNNN, so cute.

Sewing machine, don't fail me now!
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There was a..... [ Tuesday  
01 16 2007 11:11pm
Snowwwwww day~!

Today, it was all snowy and nice and bright outside. I'm gonna go for a walk in a while, cause I just love the snow, even if it makes it hard to walk around.

Anyways, we took some doll pictures in the snow, all the white makes for pretty good lighting~ (although, only a few of mine were decent enough to post, and a lot of them turned out too blue for the white balance to fix D:,)

Onto the dolly photos!Collapse )

Okeydoke, I'll try to post more often, but that's all for now :}
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Ghostridin the whip [ Tuesday  
01 16 2007 6:02am
Dear world,

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while, hopefully this will atleast in part make up for that.

I'm the one in the back seat, brent in front, and jon operating the camera.

I swear I will read through my friends page and give you all lovely comments~

PS, brandy, yes on dorry sreepovah
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[ Friday  
12 29 2006 9:23pm
Hey everyone, I'm updating from our wii!

Anyways, I don't really know what to say, so here's my console code~

6544 2217 1756 5355

comment with yours if you want me to add you~
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[ Wednesday  
12 27 2006 9:59pm


thankyou so much omg_kittens~

:} now i'm going into Wiiclusion~ bye!
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I CAN DRIVE NOW :0! [ Wednesday  
12 27 2006 11:19am
I got my license!!

Booo yah.

I was gonna scan it in cause it's such a cute picture, but I cna't find the scanner connection cord :{ so, that will have to wait.

but yayyyyyyyyyy~! on my first try :D
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[ Saturday  
11 25 2006 5:17pm
It's nw officially my birthday!!!!!!!


if anyone wants to call or text, my number is 971 506 0448

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[ Saturday  
11 25 2006 4:33am
In three and a half hours
I'm eighteen.

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[ Thursday  
11 16 2006 6:52pm
Things I want for my birthday;

god hand for PS2
Uhmm.... a girl and boy sd10 f16, they're gonna be twins ;b
Shoes for lilith ;3; particularly these!
A Wii and summa dat trauma center, red steel, zelda... uhm.... some others too.
Hm.... a DS lite, in whiteylicious. And AHM, contact, and ffIII
An underwears set for lilith, like, those sexay unoa ones.
A fountain pen!

I'm so ...... ...... ........ tired.
that's what else i want. A regular sleeping schedule.

This dj, Kid Whatever, and his side project Grammar radio, are from portland, and really fucking catchy.

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[ Monday  
11 13 2006 5:59pm
From swdpunk
The letter S
1. Serendipity dolls. All of them~!
2. Soup from Pizzicato, that ariel gave me, so good.
3. Slightly windy, but still warm weather.
4. Seattle, and surrounding area.
5. Smoking cigarettes...
6. Sewing. Well, when the inpiration hits.
7. Semi-automatic firearms ... hahhaa.
8. Sneezing. It's refreshing.
9. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
10. Spinach, mofo!
Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.

From swdpunk also
5 random things about me:
1. I really like looking nerdy. And I guess I am pretty nerdy in general.
2. I love bands with both female and male vocals.
3. Sometimes, I can't help but dance, even if there's no music. What can I say? I just got da rhythm.
4. I've never been a dog person but I'd reallllllylyly love to eventually have a Corgi.
5. One night, I found out I can do a triple cartwheel, but I want to be able to do a backflip off of a wall, haha. Parkour stylee?
Now to tag five people;
Uh........ Hm.... how about whoreparty, korena, __curiousposes, coughycoughdrop..... and, I'll leave the last one open?
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Oops [ Wednesday  
11 08 2006 7:55pm
I guess it wasn't me going to the psychologist after all, it was just Brent. ...... oops. haha.
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[ Wednesday  
11 08 2006 9:53am
So I have my first ever psychiatrist appointment in .... 9 hours.
(not really awesome)

I guess I would probably welcome it more if things weren't so okay.
Like, what the hell do I talk about?

17 days until I'm 18.
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